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    AK adapter for an AR stock

    I saw an adapter that allows the use of an AR stock on an AK rifle. I just do not remember where i saw it now. I'm pondering going that direction on my AK. I'm wanting to shorten the length of pull, but I do not like the OEM style AK stocks. I was thinking along the lines of a 6 position AR stock. My question is, do the adapters work, if so how well? Also where can you buy them, and are they stock specific?

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    CAA makes them in plastic/polymer and aluminum. Here's the 1st link that popped up: Command Arms AKT Aluminum Tube for AK

    I have the Vltor that I got from Brownells... lots of other people carry them too, but many are out of stock. Vltor Weapons Systems -Modstock Accessories and Components (4th product down).

    Many people report that the CAA has a gap(s) where it enters the receiver; all I can say is that the Vltor comes with shims that eliminate any gaps. The Vltor also has QD sling mounts on both sides of the tube. It's a well built piece.

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    The VLTOR adapter. I has them.

    They work well, and are the only adapter I recommend for putting an adjustable stock on an AK.
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    I have the caa and it's great but will usually require some grinding to fit. I've seen the vltor and i'm equally impressed. I think the vltor has recesses for sling swivels and the CAA has rings for sling hooks if that matters to you.

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