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    Blue Force Vickers Sling Questions

    I have a Viking VTAC, and it looks like the Vickers sling is even better. So for my new AR, I'd like to use it instead. However, I want it to be as authentic military as possible. So does the military version use aluminum or plastic, and is it coyote color, or other? I assume the issued slings have no padding.

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    AFAIK, until rcently they were private purchase. Either way would be "authentic" as mine (vintage 2008) has the black metal adjust buckle, and the others were plastic. A friend of mine still in uses one that has all plastic buckles. But these are all privately purchased. Mine is coyote, In my troop back in 2008 we had black, FG and coyote present, and recently the padded MC illuded to above.
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    The marines are starting to issue them as part of SL3 gear with the M27 (SAW Replacement) we use the Vickers sling with no padding in the coyote color with plastic "buckles"

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    just a word of note, in the comments section you can get whatever ends you like sewn into the belt too, I just ordered one in multicam with qds sewn in
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    I have a vtac (larue tactical) and vickers padded. I like the vtac better because the adjustment is smoother, quicker, and allows for more adjustment length. ymmv

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