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Thread: front sight for a railed gas block?

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    front sight for a railed gas block?

    As the title says, I am looking for a front sight for my railed gas block. Any suggestions? Anything affordable?
    I realize the Magpul is a no go due to the heat.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    What kind of gas block do you have, stepped-down or same-plane? In any event, I suggest either Troy or Midwest Industries.
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    Troy, Troy, or Troy.

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    Midwest Industries is what Im running (I have the gas block that is slightly lower)... Works great for what I need.

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    I just purchased a set of Troys for my AR for $189 from Primary Arms. They are a little more costly but I plan to keep them for a long time.

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    Yankee Hill makes nice irons too. I have a set of flip ups with the front mounted on my "same plane" gas block

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