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    Cleaning rod vs. cleaning cable

    I am thinking that if I was at home, I would use the rod, but lets say I am out hunting in the back country and need to clean my weapon at camp. Would it be better to carry a bigger pouch with the cleaning rods or a smaller pouch with a cable similar to a bore snake. Thanks for your thoughts

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    I grew up using the cleaning rods. However, I have used the Otis kits and many people like them. The boresnakes are a third category.

    Typical selling points for the cables are:
    1) Easier to clean from breech to muzzle on some firearms
    2) Compact size
    3) Less likely to cause damage by scraping the bore
    4) Less likely to cause damage by slamming the rod tip into the back of the chamber
    5) It's new, I love it!

    Typical points against the cables:
    1) Harder to really scrub the barrel
    2) Not as easy to use for removing obstructions
    3) Expensive patches
    4) Takes longer to clean than with a rod
    5) It's new, I hate it!

    My opinion:
    1) Boresnakes are great for a quick cleaning at the range if you only shot a few rounds.
    2) Cable systems are great for field use and the compact size is a plus.
    3) If you buy a cable system, cut your own patches to save money.
    4) Rods are still the best for thorough cleaning.

    Executive Summary:
    1) There is a place for all three.

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