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    Gun Safe Desiccant

    I need to put some desiccant in my gun safe but I can't find any at local gun or sports shops. Any suggestions on where to get some?

    My safe does not have electrical outlet capacity.
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    Bradis II had several zip lock bag full last week

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    Gander Mtn. has a perforated metal can full of it. This is what I use, stick in oven to recharge.
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    A couple of options....
    If you don't mind ordering online, google Drierite. It's sold through a lot of sources. I use it in a cabinet at work and it is nice because it changes to pink when it needs to be changed. Just pour some in an open container in the bottom of your cabinet.
    Another option is looking at good auto parts stores that sell a lot of painting accessories. Desiccant is used in some pre-dryer units for painting. I know you can get it through Eastwood, but I am sure there are other sources.

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    Go to your local pet store... look for the "crystals cat-litter"... it's a non-clay type of cat litter that is somewhat clear-ish, sort of like large crystals of sugar or salt. Be sure there is no "clay type" cat little mixed in (some of these are a mix of clay). If there is no clay type mixed in, guess what you just found... a large bag/jug full of silica gel... most often it will even have the blue "moisture indicating" type in it too.

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    Crafts store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby have it, it is used for dehydrating flowers
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    User Info Menu Dry-Packs 45gm Indicating Silica Gel Hard Plastic Canister: Home & Kitchen

    When they turn green bake em at 220 for 4 hours.

    I keep this with my camera gear.

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    A man's got to do what a man's got to do. John Wayne

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    I buy the ones on the various online sources that you can bake to reactivate. Most hunting retailers have them.
    these are the exact ones I use.

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    Didnt know about the Tidy Cat, but the craft store is a cheep place to pick it up. I think I bought a 10 pound bag for $12 last time I picked some up. When it is full, you can just bake it at a low temp to dry it back out.

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