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    Cannon Safari 36 Gun Safe

    Dunhams currently has a sale going on for this safe. its a $1000 safe for $600. Not a bad deal. Cannon Safari 36 Gun Safe - Dunham's Sports If anyone has one and can offer some information on it, id appreciate it. I know the E-lock is iffy i hope i dont get a lemon. But i was looking at a Liberty Private 22 at Gander its $200 more and the combination so so confusing. Made me want a elock. eventually i would like to switch the cannon elock for a more reliable one. I think im set on buying it, i looked at the liberty and winchester safes, this is a tax refund buy so i dont have the $2000 to spend on a safe that is the end all safe. i was looking at spending around $600 and this fits the bill nicely.
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    Nobody has any experience with cannon safes?
    I just do what skunks do best, spray and pray with abit of aim.

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    I have the 24 gun variety and like it just fine. It's not a safe that will keep out a determined thief, but it met my criteria (and most importantly, price point).

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    I have one. Got it from Menards on black friday 2010. I personally would not purchase another one or recommend them. The Cannon Safari does NOT carry the typical lifetime warranty that the other Canon safes do. The Safari has a 1 year warranty.

    After a year and a half my keypad failed. I then started using the key to bypass the keypad. After a few months, the tumbler failed and the key was stuck half way turned. Couldn't open the safe and couldn't get the key out. I called Canon and they instructed me to turn the key as hard as I could and have a second person trying to turn the safe open. It worked. I now leave the safe unlocked and only use it to store reloading supplies.
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    I've had a canon safe for years and happy with it.

    It has all the features I need in something to lock up some guns
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    What's the weight of it?

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    Cannon TS7240 Tall & Wide Body Gun Safe, 48 Gun Capacity

    I bought this Cannon Safe from TSC a couple years ago, and I'm still happy with it. It was on sale around Christmas for $999.00, marked down from $1299.



    SKU 3910084
    Safe | Brand : Cannon | Exterior Width : 40 in. | Exterior Height : 72 in. | Inner Width : 38-1/4 in. | Inner Length : 18-3/4 in. | Inner Height : 70-1/2 in. | Capacity : 40 cu. ft. | Gun Capacity : 48 | Product Weight : 608 lb. More
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    I picked a safari safe back in 2013, I use it a lot , now it's mid 2019 and my accuram lock started draining the battery, I called cannon and they sent a updated keypad and internal parts for free

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocSkunk View Post
    Nobody has any experience with cannon safes?
    I bought this same one from tractor supply during a Black Friday years back, I’ve had no issues.

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