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    Pocket Holster for Shield Magazine

    I am looking for a back pocket holster to carry a spare mag for my shield. Don't care to try to cram something else inside my waistband on the off hand side.

    So, I really like the cross breed holsters. Thinking of a back pocket mag holster that is leather on one side and kydex on the other...but haven't found anything that looks like this for mags. Maybe I will just get a kydex one. Doesn't have to be leather/Kydex I guess. I have also thought about attempting to find a custom kydex maker to make me one like I'm looking for.

    Anyone seen anything like what I'm looking for.

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    I carry a shield magazine in my pocket with a Neomag. Home The medium will fit the shield mags, as well as most other 9/40 magazines. I realize that this is not exactly what you are looking for, or even close, but I did a review on it that can be found here:

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    Hybrid Pocket Magazine Holster

    I was very pleased with personal service from this company and a quality product.

    Detroit holsters
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