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    Point taken regarding reliability and knockdown power. For the average housewife or girlfriend, are the reasons still valid given that a lot of wives/girlfriends won't practice with anything more than a 22? I guess the real question in that their 22 more valuable than a 9mm that they are afraid to pull the trigger on? andhow to carry?
    If they'll practice and that's all they'll use, let them use it. However, if I may suggest something. Get a 4" .38 or .357 revolver with rubber grips. Load it with .38 Special 148 gr wadcutters. It'll be a touch louder, but the recoil won't be much more than a lighter .22. The .38 wadcutter is a pretty decent round for stopping people with bad intentions. It's not up to par with modern expanding ammo, mind you, but it does a good job at a much lower recoil level.

    For carry, something like the LCR or LCRx is pretty easy to conceal. The grip does a good job of taming recoil as well. The trigger is nice and the sights are adequate. Again, just stick with wadcutters if they don't like the recoil of heavier rounds.
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    I carry a .22 magnum derringer in my pocket every day. Work is a no go on carry so that really limits what I can do. I figure a 5 shot 22 mag in the pocket is better than nothing at all.
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    I occasionally carry my Beretta 21a Bobcat .22 in a Desantis pocket holster. I load it up with either CCI Stingers or Remington Yellowjackets and I've never had a failure to feed or jam with those rounds (now, with regular ol'standard velocity .22s on the other hand, it can be a jam-o-matic, which is why I normally shoot it with CCI Mini-mags or equivalent rounds at the range).

    Granted, I've never actually had to draw any gun I've carried in a self-defense situation, let alone fired it, so I can't really give any feedback on whether it's an effective caliber.

    Since I bought my Glock 42 last year, that's been my main go-to carry gun.
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    If you are going to carry a rimfire (.22mag > .22lr)... at the very least ...get good quality ammo and put it in a revolver.
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    I've been known to carry a 22TCM, other than the size and weight the slide is very easy to run, recoil is very 22lr like and bullet energy nearly that of a 45ACP.. It's all about hitting what you are aiming at and if you are recoil sensitive it's a great choice IMHO

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