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    I need a flashlight

    Here's what I'm looking for...

    1. Runs on 18650 rechargeable batteries
    2. As bright as I can get
    3. Reasonable

    Any suggestions?

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    KLARUS XT2CR - 1600 lumens

    KLARUS XT11GT HS - 2000 lumens

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    Fenix PD35 Tac

    Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight, 1000 Lumen, Black

    Ive had mine for two years as my EDC now and its worked great.
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    I have always used Jetbeams. I use the RRT models as I can dial up or down using a rotating ring on the body v.s. trying to select thru a bunch of setting to get my desired output. They have several models to choose from and even offer some with mini-USB on-board charging w/o having to remove the battery to put it in an 18650 charger. I bought mine from Andrew and Amanda on-line as they always seem to running specials on everything bright and light...
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    I like my Streamlight HL-X. 1000 lumens at full brightness, 3 brightness settings w/ strobe. Takes an 18650 or 2 CR123

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    I spent a lot of time researching lights for my dad earlier this year... I went with a Fenix PD32.
    I own a Fenix UC35 I found in the street, run over yet still works perfectly. It's very long though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino View Post
    KLARUS XT2CR - 1600 lumens

    KLARUS XT11GT HS - 2000 lumens
    as much as I like to give rhino a hard time, he has owned like 50000000 flashlights and carries like ten at any given time. So, I'd at least check out his suggestions

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    Have used a Fenix HP25R headlamp for work the last couple months (underground limestone mine). It is an absolute beast and comes with many functions. I know its not a handheld flashlight, but I would send a vote for Fenix. The PD35 Tac listed above looks like a great deal.
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    Streamlight ProTac HL4 -2200 lumens. Runs on 2 18650s. I got one for work a few months ago and love it.
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