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    Best deal on Glock mags?

    Anyone come across any Glock mag deals/bundles online? Specifically for the G17. (Gen 3 gun)

    I see 10-packs of Magpul AR mags everywhere - but I either miss everything Glock-related or they don't exist.

    I'd PREFER Glock OEM mags, but absolutely not opposed to KCI and/or Magpul mags for range and training use.
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    Glock mags in the usual flavors 17/19 have been out of stock at several distributors since Parkland.

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    There are a couple of semi-recent running threads on this topic (similar to the 'get your ammo here' threads).

    I know the search function isn't the best, but you should be able to dig them up and see if there are any retailers that consistently run deals.
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    $21 a stick is about the best out there right now through Brownell's.

    I snatched up a bunch of police trade in mags for under $15 but those are long gone.

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    For Glock OEM mags, I usually watch:

    MidwayUSA for deals (they occasionally run %off sales on Glock OEM mags, sign up for their emails),

    Brownells is another go to (sign up for their emails .. there are some current discount codes running around M8Y for $20 off $200 I believe, and M3P for $10 off $100 and free shipping, I believe, also code NAM for $20 off $200)

    Botach has quantity discounts on Glock mags (and free shipping)
    Instant Bulk / Special Pricing:

    • Buy 3 - 5 and get 10% off
    • Buy 6 or above and get 15% off is another go to of mine and they will run % off sales (sign up for their emails)

    I generally look to pay as close to $20 or below if possible for Glock OEM mags.

    MagPul mags may be another option as well.
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    Two guys on this GlockTalk board sell them G17 mags for $18-$20 + shipping.
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    Thanks for all the links, fellers. I appreciate it.
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