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    Belly Band Holsters

    i recently purchaced a belly band holster. never heard of them until bout 2 months ago. i did some research on them and decided to get one. ive been losing some weight but still need to lose bout 20 more pounds. the thing is very comfortable. its a purchace im glad i made. when i get the pounds off, i will go back to my regular iwb holster. the belly band is great if your just running to the store real quick or things like that. its also very concealable. anyone else have one and there experiences with one?

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    I've tried them a time or two and personally find them uncomfortable physically. It's a personal thing, I guess.

    I'm also not comfortable using a soft holster for a striker-fired gun with no so-called safety lever, etc. So to also feel sufficiently comfortable from a safety perspective, that restricts the inexpensive belly bands to double-action guns or guns with safeties, OR I have to modify the cheap ones with a rigid trigger cover, OR go with a more expensive belly band design that combines a rigid holster (of sorts) with a soft band. For me.

    I have 1 or 2 for certain occasions, but I don't use them routinely. It's kind of a niche carry method for me.
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    I have 2 different versions of them and I really love using them. I find them excellent especially when I want a deeper concealment or when I'm dressed casually in sweats or shorts.

    My favorite carry in mine is a Kimber K6 Revolver. It conceals excellent and fits against my body well. I sometime carry a semi-auto in mine, but to me it's only safe and secure with a small or "micro" compact like an LCP or Sig P238.

    I'd recommend them to anyone who thinks it'd be a good solution for them.

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    I have one that is my last option carry method.

    The good:
    *It's good for deep concealment (if straight drop--0 cant works for you) since there is no thickness to the holster and it doesn't need a belt or anything to attach to
    *It holds the pistol close to your body

    The bad:
    *You need to put your fingers in the general direction of the muzzle, to holster
    *because it's only elastic fabric, it might not be a safe choice with a striker fired pistol
    *because it's only elastic fabric, if you run etc without a belt etc in the cover garment and the pistol weighs more than a polymer sub-compact, the pistol can bounce around and maybe print or even shift position
    *because it's only secured to you by elastic tension, someone with wide hips--women--might have the holster come up in their hands along with the pistol during the draw. I saw this with a woman using a hybrid kydex shell/belly band holster.
    *It's HOT in warm weather--like a hybrid holster that goes all the way around your waist

    Like I said, I almost never use it, but it has it's place. For example, I think a belly band holster would useful for someone wearing 'scrubs' in a hospital

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    This is something I've found as an option / replacement for a belly-band holster PHLSTER FLEX

    I've seen videos of people working out in gym shorts while wearing this and their EDC with solid success. Not saying you can carry your Beretta 92FS in this thing while in gym shorts, but it worked for them. I'm still getting a feel for it and how I'd wanna load it with my gear for a minimalist feel.
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    I have one made by alpha med and it is nice but If I have to carry that deep I pocket carry or use a trigger guard only holster and tuck shirt over it and put cord behind belt loop. The belly band setup is dependent on the quality of the material and the gun your carrying in my experience.

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    I have one that I use when running.

    As mentioned up thread, it doesn't necessarily secure a large firearm well. However, it does fine with an LCP type pistol when running..... and I like having something better than nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRed View Post
    I have one that I use when running.

    As mentioned up thread, it doesn't necessarily secure a large firearm well. However, it does fine with an LCP type pistol when running..... and I like having something better than nothing.

    Same here, I have a Bianchi brand one that I have used while jogging and it works great for a small pistol like a lightweight S&W Centennial 38. I would prefer to not use it for anything like a Glock or anything heavy.

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