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    Looking for recomendation on a new hunting scope.

    As the title says, I'm looking for recommendations on a new hunting scope.

    The rifle in question is a Browning A-Bolt chambered in 308. It's sole use will be for hunting. Mostly IN whitetail, but I will be taking it with me to South Africa in the spring. I have other rifles that are well equipped for shooting long range, so it's not a consideration.

    I had a Vortex HSLR 4-16 mounted on it for this past deer season, and felt it was a bit much. I don't expect to take shoots on game past 300 yards, so I don't think the exposed turrets or adjustable parallax are needed. I think I'm wanting a good, simple, and reliable hunting scope in the 3-9ish power range.

    Scopes I'm considering.
    Leupold VX-R 3-9x40 w/ Ballistic FireDot (possible Duplex)
    Leupold VX3i 3.5-10 (non CDS)
    Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44

    I'm not sold on either a 1" or 30mm tube. I know one inch tubes are lighter. Whereas 30mm tubes have more travel adjustment, although I'm not planning on dialing elevation once the rifle is zeroed.

    The FireDots would be nice for low light deer hunting, but is the most costly.

    The VX3i is probably the best deal right now, glass is supposed to better than the VX-R and has good low light gathering, but no BDC.

    Viper has a BDC, but I'm worried that it's thin and wont show up well in low light.

    Any other recommendations for comparable models?

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    If you are using capped turrets and Kentucky windage, then a larger 30mm tube doesn't really do anything for you except add weight. Don't be afraid to go 1" tube for that usage.

    You might also wish to consider a fixed power scope in the 4x to 6x range. 6x is enough for 300y when hunting if the reticle is not super thick and your zero is good.

    I always prefer a reticle has some hashmarks of some kind-- even a basic mil dot is better than nothing. Even if you never dial the turrets, this can really help you have consistent "kentucky windage" and holdovers. With no scale, you're flying blind.

    And since .308 in heavier weights isn't very flat shooting, a ranging error could be pretty consequential.

    If you want good light gathering, look for a large objective lens relative to the magnification. For example, a 10x42 scope might be bright enough, but a 6x42 will be brighter and a 20x42 will be substantially less bright.

    Extreme magnification for hunting is not your friend-- it adds a bunch of weight, makes it much slower and more difficult to get behind the scope, and makes the scope worse in low light. Practically speaking, you can't use much over 10x anyway.

    3-9X42 has persisted so long because it's such a useful sweet spot of all factors.

    The VX-R is a solid choice as is the Viper HS. I'd choose whichever reticle you prefer.

    Since hash marked reticles are so important to me, I would choose THIS even for hunting.

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    I think we are thinking along similar trains of thought. I had the 4-16 on my rifle this past season because it is what I had readily available. I took two deer with it, and never had it turned up past 4x. A doe surprised me by coming up from behind me, and walking with in 25 yards of me when I was expecting a much further shot. The next day I took another doe from the same location at about 100 yards. It was than that I realized I had more magnification than I needed and didn't like having to dial for parallax.

    It's not that I'm afraid to go with a 1" tube, of the brands I was looking at, to get the features I was most interested in, 30mm was what was offered.

    I'd prefer something with some type of BCD reticle, capped turrets, and no parallax adjustment. The pro for the VXR is the firedot, the pro for the Vortex is cost.

    I was considering the VX-3i because I've read that glass and low light usability is better than the Vipers, but I'm not a huge fan of duplex reticles. I see that it's available in other options, but it sounds like you need the CDS system for them the be most affective.

    I also looked at a Redfield with the Accu-range reticle. I liked the reticle, but wished the glass was better.

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    I can only share my experience, I have had 2 vortex scope failures. Hopefully they have corrected their issues. My friend also had a voetex that would not adjust right out of the box. I have never had an issue using a 1 inch tube. In the area I hunt I use a 2-7 variable. They are light compact and is all the power I need. Don't like to know products just sharing my personal experience.

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