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    Gun belt for holsters?

    What's your favorite belt to wear when you're carrying?

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    Sort of related...about a year ago I bought a belt with the steel band inside. I got over the hula hoop feeling pretty quickly and think the belt was my best carry purchase of 2018. I'm afraid I don't know the brand but most have a nice warranty. I guess I'm saying....with the steel interior, you can carry any dang thing you want with relative comfort.

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    I have a couple of Better Belts. Good quality and well made with lots of options.

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    Daltech Force SuperBio Belt

    I have one bullhide leather belt, but it hasn't held up nearly as well as the synthetic Daltech belt.
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    Have a couple from for years and I want to get one from Bigfoot gun belts. Never heard anything bad about them.

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    Sharpshooter hpclayto's Avatar

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    Cheap and easy. First one lasted me about 6 years. I can't do leather belts.

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    Love both of my Ares gear belts.

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    I have a Bigfoot steel-lined belt and agree that you can tote about anything with it. Just beware that you will contour to fit to it after a while, it will not bend or stretch to fit your contour.

    Wife has a daltech but hardly wears her gun (not sure bigfoot went small enough and the steel band may be too stiff for her... not enough to her to form it to her shape. or maybe they didn't go small enough? She's been mistaken for my daughter... )

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    Have had my Magpul for a little over a couple years and really like it

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    Hermann H. Heiser Saddlery.

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