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    Best pistol brace?

    Looking for a budget friendly pistol brace.... I have only used the shockwaves both 1.0 & 2.0... they are affordable and I donít mind them.. with all the offerings there are I am just wondering if I am missing out on something? This will be going onto a Ruger Charger if that matters.

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    I have been very impressed by the SBA3. PSA regularly has deals on them but the cost will be more than a Shockwave.

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    Do you want best or budget friendly? Choose one. I concur on the SBA3.
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    I have been using the KAK Shockwaves on my T/C Contenders and Encores. I like inexpensive and functional things. I bought my last three for $18 dollars each direct from KAK and found a company clearing out the tubes for $12 when the 2.0 hit the streets. I have used them on everything up to 375JDJ and have no complaints with them.

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    I want the best bang for my buck... if I have to spend a little more thatís fine but I want the expense to be worth it not just a name, look , or color. I want better function if I pay more

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    Midway has had the SBa3 on sale for $99 recently.
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    If you haven't already assembled a lower I would suggest getting an SBA3 build kit from PSA. Very hard to beat the price and getting quite a bit in return.
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    I got this... I built a lower with it but I havenít shot it yet. If you like simplicity the KAK Blade is great but not quick-adjustable. This adjusts on the fly like a Magpul MOE stock:
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    Sba3 is vastly superior to all other braces, and IMO even better than the tailhook Mod2, which is much more expensive. Itís worth the extra $.

    the one caveat may be the sba4, although I havenít heard what those will sell for.

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    PSA running a lower kit with that brace on sale right now actually.

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