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    I have a Galaxy Watch. I am pretty fond of it. I wanted one of those Garmin watches that you can load maps onto for when I go hiking, but I wasn't wanting to spend over 300 on a watch so I'll just use my Garmin Foretrex for those days.

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    Had a couple wengers that didnt hold up- doing a victorinox now that I like, all basic date and time analogue guys- also a big timex expedition fan, but I think theyve fallen off a bit

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    Samsung gear s2. Been real happy with it.

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    The last watch I bought was. G-shock, not expensive, pehaps in the $160 range. That was about 8 years ago, havent worn it in about 4 years. I just use my phone now. Somewhat interested in a smart watch but worried I just wont like wearing it after all these years of naked wrists.

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    Deep Blue had 40% off last week sooooooo...

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    I wear an Apple Watch 3 42mm Cellular for work and my Casio Pathfinder when off. Sometimes if I need something more dressy, I have a Seiko that fits the bill

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    Ive worn the same Suunto for about 6 years. Wear it to work everyday, and i work at the BP oil refinery, (as a contractor so i actually work :-p). It still holds a charge great, and their customer service is phenomenal. My original rubber band came off about 2 years ago. The parts kit to replace it online was close to $60. I sent an email, and they sent me an entire replacement band for free. No issues now that i put a dab of blue loctite on the screws.

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    I've gotten back into watches this year and have fixed a couple old ones. These are in the current rotation. The one on the far left was bought by me in 1984 at the Travis AFB Bx and was on my wrist when my 30 year old son was born.

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    Citizen Rail Road Approved...I come from a long line of "car knockers" or "car men" as Geary's were called at the K&I RR...Pronounced "Cane-Eye" by my family...I had 30 family members over there counting RR men who had married Geary women....Four great Uncles, grandfather, dad, countless 1st and 2nd cousins and husbands of cousins....

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