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    My everyday watch is a pepsi dial GMT master. Wear this to work, hunting, special events and most activities. I sometimes wear a Luminox just for s%&ts and giggles.
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    Raymond Weil Parsifal 9740, 18K gold and stainless, diamond and mother of pearl face. My 50th birthday present, and I haven't taken it off in 6 years except to get the battery changed.

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    Submariner Date SS

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    EDC is a Timex Expedition, go to meeting watch is a Citizen Blue Angel.
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    I had not worn a watch in well over 20myears, but I noted that "business people" with whom I was interviewing wore watches. It seemed like part of the professional interview uniform, so I got a very simple Timex on Amazon to wear to interviews. It's already almost $10 more than when I bought mine in December!

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    Rare that I wear one any more. I have a dress one that I wear the few times a year that I wear a suit, it is a Citizens.

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    I'm one of those people who has worn a watch every day since I got that Mickey Mouse watch in 2nd grade (71-72-ish). I've worn this one for 5 or 6 years. It tells the time.
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    Been wearing a Samsung Galaxy Watch for the last several months, I really like it. Though I have been looking really hard at the new Hamilton Field Full Black, for the price point that is a very very nice watch IMHO
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    Gshock GWG-1000 most days, every now and then I'll wear one of the couple Luminoxs I have, depends on the occasion and if I want the rubber or the carbon band

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    Mostly Invicta and Nixon but there's a couple of Tissot, a Tag, and a few smart watches mixed in there too.
    Common ground.... I love Nixon

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