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Thread: What Watches Do INGO Members Wear? "What's on your forearm"?

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    What Watches Do INGO Members Wear? "What's on your forearm"?

    Following the idea in a thread from another gun forum, I thought it would be cool to ask the question here... What watches do you wear?

    I have two primary watches that cover most of my needs. A Timex Expedition for my EDC beater and a Sturhling Professional Diver for just a little more flash. Neither is expensive, but they are both outstanding watches for dependability, and I wouldn't have a heart attack if I scratched or broke them.

    So to paraphrase a famous credit card commercial tagline, "What's on your forearm"?
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    Simple and cheap. Iíll indulge eventually on something nicer but for now, thisíll do

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    None since I started carrying a cell phone a long, long time ago.
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    I have three currently... An LG W100 original Android watch is my #1 choice for most situations, I also have a Fossil Q Marshal Android watch for formal settings and an analog Fossil that's currently dead. I also have a pile of old Timex Atlantis watches that I wore from 1999 till 2014 need to go through and make at least one functional.
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    I wear Omega, Tag Heurer, Or Hamilton daily. Right now itís the Hamilton Khaki Titanium from the Jack Ryan movie.

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    I rarely wear a wris****ch these days but when I do it is a timex. Cell phone serves the purpose well.

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    I wear an Apple Watch Series 3 daily. On rare special occasions I will wear a Breitling Jupiter Pilot Chronograph given to my father Gary by Nelson Piquet when they were teammates at the Indianapolis 500 in 1992-93. I even have the original purchase paperwork from when Nelson purchased the timepiece in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This is a treasured family heirloom.
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    Not on my forearm, I wear a copper pocket watch, on a chain that is kept in my watch pocket on my overalls.
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    Some good ones out in this thread from a bit back...

    Still have the same watch as I posted in that thread, and bought a second one as well (with a blacked out face), as I have an illness and one is none, two is one...
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    Dakota, Dual display for past 10 Years.

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