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    Acog 1.5x16 (Baby cog')

    In search for an optic that works well with an astigmatism I have found a few that work well. I can use red dots pretty effectively but not as well as I'd like. I see a red tear drop rather than a dot with aimpoints and such. I typical opt for a 1-6 optic, which is great but heavier and a tad slower. I found prisms work well but I can't find one that does it for me. I have a spitfire 1x from vortex that is okay but i hate somethings about it. Enter the Trijicon Acog mini! This thing is great, I'm still in my honeymoon faze with it but i truly believe its the one. I recommend others with astigmatism in their dominant eye to try one out. I'm using the ta44 green "donut of death" reticle. It is a 2moa dot with a 20moa circle. I can run it with both eyes open and faster than a 1x variable scope. I will report back after a couple more classes and cases of ammo.
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    I've had a TA44 for about 5 years. Red circle dot reticle. WAY better eye relief then most ACOGs but the same glass clarity. I love mine as well, not sure why they don't get more love outside of the price

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    I have a bad astigmatism. I have a ta11 acog that is crystal, as well as any other etched reticle optic. They are not a red dot replacement though. They have eye relief and are hard to use off axis. For red dots I sight in the deepest part of the fuzz. Cheaper emitters can vary, but not enough to make much difference at 20 yards, further can be an issue. Eotech are fuzzy, but consistent they are my favorite. Aimpoint micros are neck and neck, very consistent, you see the same fuzz ball everytime.

    True 1x ffp optics are also wonderful for astigmatism. They still have off axis issues but will be crisp and clear

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    I have struggled with this and for the longest time didn't know why every reflex style sight looked fuzzy and could not produce the sight picture i was after. I do seem to get lost some in the nomenclature though. Are all reflex sights the prizm or hologram style with red dots being the short tube style? I have tried several of the reflex styles with less than stellar results and have wondered whether the red dot would produce a clearer picture but have been hesitant to spend the money just to be disappointed again.

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    Depends on each and every individual from my understanding also depends on which reflex sights you refer to. I actually want to test the 1.5x acog myself, but I never see them in stores or know anyone near me with one to try it out. But I do plan to buy and try a 1x cyclops with acss reticle from primary arms at $240 seems very affordable and reviews say its is durable. All red dots are a little different with my eyes, rmrs look like a rose stem and petals, mros are a fuzzy blob/starburst and I have 2 that I use both look the same and are tolerable, some aimpoints look like a bundle of grapes, eotechs and the vortex amg are for the most part pretty good just slightly fuzzy on the lines. Primary and vortex red dots seem to be the same as most others. Vortex spitfire prism is one I have tried and thought was pretty good. I use the irons trick a lot to help the dots from being as blurry. Lvpos are always an option as well but can get heavy and/or expensive. Its strange but wearing glasses, contacts, or sunglasses all seem to change how they can look at times as well.
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    In general. Projected light optics (red dot, holographic, reflex, etc) will fuzz if you have an astigmatism. It's the way your eyes process concentrated emitted light. Acogs, prism, lpvo, have etched reticles on glass that are illuminated buy an led, tritium, or fiber optic. These all have eye relief and more parralax issues due to their construction. They should not fuzz out, because the light is not concentrated cohesive beams. The reticle is a physical object and not a projection. An acog, spitfire etc.... Well be clear to astigmatism.

    Holosun and sig make some led emitter red dots that do not fuzz, mainly green that I've seen. These are red dots so you can use off axis without parralax issues, mostly.

    If you have an astigmatism you can use a red dot like anyone else, ignore the bleed and use the same deep portion of the red dot every shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoroughbred View Post
    . Its strange but wearing glasses, contacts, or sunglasses all seem to change how they can look at times as well.
    Take your glasses off and look at a street light. It will blur big time. The corrective lenses are weighted and positioned to cure the astigmatism looking straight through. That is an issue shooting because you look their different portions of the lens so it leads to odd things like the grapevine dot prone and just fuzz standing. Contacts have proven to be most versatile astigmatism cures for me.

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    Yeah it seems my contacts (which are the weighted ones, toric lense i think) and my prism oakleys give me my "best look" when using red dots...interesting about the green...never looked at a green dot and ill have to add that to my list to try...astigmatism sucks, like you said about the blur...nightime driving especially in the rain can be difficult and my wife acts like im making it up in order to not drive. Not the case at all just very difficult to see, ha!
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    Contacts donít seem make red dots any clearer with my astigmatism. Howver, I have noticed that if I target focus with the red dots instore at a distance that the dots appear clear. If I am looking directly at the dot is is horribly fuzzy on any dot I have tried.

    Prisms seem to be perfect, but I still havenít bought one.

    Also, using a magnifier combo with red dot fixes the blur.

    I agree that green emitters are less fuzzy to my eyes

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    I got my hands on a TA44 at the NRA show and I was really impressed.

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