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    Have a need for some gun cases...

    Most specifically and importantly, I'd like a single rifle case when I finally get around to taking my dad's Browning BL-22 to the range. It's a pretty tiny rifle. 36" OAL + being pretty skinny. I may eventually put an old school 4x scope on it so that'll increase the circumference a bit.

    I think I'd prefer a soft-sided case in this instance.

    Next up, I think I want a sneaky bag or two. 1 for a Scorpion (21" OAL when folded), and 1 for a 5.56 AR pistol (28.5" AOL when the brace is collapsed). I'd like there to be magazine storage in these bags, too. I don't mind taking the AR apart into halves to accomplish this task, either. Not ideal - but if it means I can get a super short bag - then I'll consider it.

    So - suggestions?

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    Sneaky Bags ToT, or CRB for your "sneaky bags", and whatever you want for the other. Sneaky Bags also has a Spyder bag as well. Also on the sneaky side Grey Ghost Gear Apparation.

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    I like my Voodoo bags. Some models have magazine storage.
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    For the BL-22, Boyt makes some very nice and well padded soft cases, Browning also offers some similar style that's well padded and made. I'm not sure what the shortest length they offer though so you might have some extra space for the BL22

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    Thanks, all!

    I've got some Googling to do.
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    Guess I thought I linked Sneaky Bags’ website.

    Looks like they’re running a sale righ now.

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    Check out midwayusa heavy duty tactical rifle bag. They have outside mag pouches and an additional zippered pocket.

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    I like the Sneaky Bags. They hold a lot more than you think they can. I can put my folded 700 and folded AR in the bag together and they fit fine if they're facing the opposite direction so the folded stocks are on opposite sides of the bag.

    There is a divider that goes between the rifles that I removed for this photo...

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    I've used some padded Gibson gig bags for guitars for rifles for decades..
    First off they came with several guitars we have & they all got real guitar cases now anyhow..
    They look good, have a great handle & carry strap, are fur padded very well & have a zippered storage pouch for additional goodies..
    They are made by TKL in Canada BTW..
    Only bad thing is they seem to cost $40+ now days..

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