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    Fantastic Customer Service at Streamlight

    Not sure this is the right spot for the post but here it goes. I recently had an excellent and unexpected experience with Streamlight. I lost a weapon light (TLR 1) in my woods years ago. This past month, I was cleaning up some trees from storm damage and I looked down in the mud and water and happened to find it. It was rusted and obviously didn't work. I received it as a gift so I had no documentation or warranty claim. I emailed CS at Streamlight to see if they could fix it. They told me to send it in. Within a week, I had a brand new light at my door, zero charge. Awesome experience. Didn't expect to have a new one sent. It was my fault. Just hoping for a fix (which I would have paid for). Very happy and thought I would share. Something to think about when buying.

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    I have had similar experiences with Streamlight. I have used their customer service on a couple of occasions. As I recall, only once was it really a warranty issue. Two other times were from a bad set of batteries that leaked and ruined lights and a couple of times were my fault.

    Each and every time Streamlight went above and beyond and made things more than right. They are my go to company for lights now. All my good lights are Streamlights. In the last few years, I have been buying Streamlights for birthday and Christmas gifts as which everyone has been very pleased.

    IMHO they are a great company who fully stands behind their product.
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    I would agree. I bought a unit at the NRA show that was temperamental. After emailing streamlight, they happily sent a new unit that has been flawless.

    Very happy with this company!

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    Just ordered two new tailcaps for my Stylus Pros, rather painless for actually having to use the warranty on a 6 month old task light.

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    Good to know. I'll have to prioritize them on my list of brands next time I am in the market for a light.
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    They are a great company. We use the Siegelights for work...illuminating targets at air to ground bombing ranges. They are durable and cheaper than running power lines out that need to be continually repaired. I wouldn't buy anything else for my camping kit.

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