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    Kaw valley precision linear comp

    Hey ingo,

    I dont get to post much anymore but have to give credit where it is due.

    I have a 7.5" ar pistol that, when fired, felt like being slapped in the face with a wet towel.

    So i decided to order a linear comp. Kaw valley precision 3.25 magnum linear comp to be precise.

    Once recieved and installed, i loaded up a mag to test it out. First round fired blew the circular baffel out of the end and cracked the housing body(aluminum).

    So i emailed them, and they immediately mailed me another one.

    Once recieved and installed #2, first round fired blew the body in half.

    Now keep in mind that i have already check for bullet interference with a cleaning rod, plenty of clearance.

    So i box up the two busted comps, drop them in the mail back to kaw, and ordered a different comp.

    Fast forward 4 to 6 weeks...i had forgotten about it really... i received a package in the mail from kaw kvp.
    It was another 3.25 magnum linear comp... only this time it weighed twice as much as the old ones that i blew in half.
    I dont know if they redesigned their product to be thicker or if they made me a one off?

    Welp, this new comp works like a charm and after a few mags, it is still together and doing what it is supposed to be doing.
    No more wet towel slaps to the face with every pull of the trigger.

    Excellent customer service from kaw kvp(and kak, but that is a different story).

    It's a trick..... get an axe.

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    Glad to hear it worked out in the end. I have the KVP on my 10.3 SBR and its been rock solid. Good to know that theyll take care of me if something comes up.

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    As far as the kak story goes, i had mistakenly emailed kak instead of kvp about the comp failure.

    The gentleman that replied was quite cordial and helpful.

    All of his correspondence was on a saturday afternoon too...excellent customer support from kak.

    It's a trick..... get an axe.

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    KAW makes some pretty good stuff, I wonder if maybe they accidentally shipped some aluminum ones in the wrong box?

    The Slims and Slim XLs are aluminum and weigh nothing. The magnums are typically tanks and feel like they weigh 2-3 times as much as the ones made for pistol caliber carbines

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    Any pics of the failed units vs the new?
    Stamp collecting is fun!

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    Glad to hear this about KAW Valley. I have had good results with their 30 caliber (for 300BLK) and 9mm linear comps. Always assumed that I would put one on a 556 pistol upper, if one was picked up to add versatility to the 300BLK pistol.
    Done, done, and Im on to the next one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by STFU View Post
    Any pics of the failed units vs the new?
    I had pics but apparently deleted them. Ive got a video of the new one surviving though.

    They shipped in a plain white box with a kaw sticker so could have been their lighter counterparts.
    Heads up...the light ones wont survive a short barrel
    It's a trick..... get an axe.

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