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    Want a Shoulder Holster to help bad Back

    I am looking for a shoulder holster to carrie a Colt Rail Gun. Back is hurting so doc said to take weight off my belt line so will leave the STI 6" 10mm off my belt once I find a good shoulder holster. I'm looking at seven different ones. If you have used one of the ones I am looking at could you give some feed back. I know a lot don't like but used the old vertical spring clip Safariland and Bianchi in my younger days.

    1. Aker Comfort-Flex Shoulder Rig and Holster
    2. Craft
    3. DeSantis "New York Undercover"
    4. Galco "Jackass Shoulder Holster"
    5. Kramer Handgun Leather Horizontal
    6. Monarch Shoulder Rig and Holster
    7. Red Nichol's Holsters G1963 "Charade"
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    Galco Miami Classic, as well as the Jackass rig are super comfortable. The Desantis offering is nice as well. I have or have had all three, I still own the Jackass rig. You also canít go wrong with Kramer or Mitch Rosen, although youíll pay for it.

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    Another vote for Galco , I really enjoy my Miami Classic especially when going on road trips and whatnot. The double magazine carrier really helps even out the weight across the shoulders imho
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    Iíve tried a couple and found Alien Gear to be the most comfortable.

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