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    Quote Originally Posted by Tombs View Post
    When you're talking about a duty grade scope, the last thing I would have assumed is wanting to shoot paper at 300 yards for the tightest groups possible.

    Running too much magnification is bad because you loose so much field of view it has almost no practical usage, which once again is irrelevant if your concern is shooting paper for groups. The reason for the rule is that you will have the correct amount of field of view to still maintain awareness of your surroundings, while still providing enough magnification for positive identification and precision.

    In a duty capacity, the difference between a one inch group and a half inch group is usually not the primary concern. I didn't intend to be insulting with anything I said, I've just seen way too many people dive on a 6-24x scope for their AR and end up being unable to do anything but shoot the rifle off a bench.
    I agree with you on this. I apologize for being a jerk in my response. This is my fault and your points are relevant to the title of the thread and my opening post. I started the thread with two different thoughts about optics in mind and confused myself and probably everyone else on what answers I was seeking.

    Really I should have asked two separate questions or even started two separate threads. Something like this:

    (1) What does everyone consider "duty grade" when it comes to optics?

    (2) I want to shoot benchrest with my 5.56 AR up to 300 yards and want a higher magnification scope to shoot for groups on paper. I'm looking at an Athlon Argos, should I spend more money and why.
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    I was just thinking about what the slang term they call artillery men.
    It's Cannon Cocker. . .and wondered if Carlos qualified?
    Carlos the Cannon Cocker has such a nice alliterative ring to it.

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    Im late to the party...but I think you made a good choice for what you clarified in the later posts...Id also suggest another option to anyone else looking for something similar the nikon black fx1000 6-24x its what im trying to teach myself on...slowly shooting out further and further...feel like more "duty grade" 1-8x/1-10x lvpos are on the horizon soon as companies continue to improve stuff...i just want more quality prism stuff

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