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    Suggested safe/vault for Suburban console?

    I've just bought a new-to-me Suburban 2018. I usually keep my vehicles for 10 years, so I don't mind investing appropriately in storage for my firearm.

    I didn't see any recent threads on this topic. I'm wavering between something like this that is most secure

    vs a safe that is more portable (ie could also carry into a hotel room)

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    I bought a console safe for my Tacoma from Tuffy. Easy to install (no curse words needed), provides an appropriate level of security combined with the locks and alarms on my vehicle. I went with the keyed version since I always carry car keys with me when driving. I like it for my gun when entering a GFZ as well as my wallet or stuff if doing watersports. I would recommend going with an installed console safe of some sort. If you want something portable for a hotel room pick that up separately.
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    I have used the Console Vault (with the keyless 4-digit lock) in a couple of different vehicles. They seem to be constructed well and installation was pretty simple and without drama.

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