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Thread: Scope rings

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    Scope rings

    Need a couple of sets for my sons new rifle and an older one I have. I have always used the cheap weaver rings from Walmart.

    Any suggestions on other sets that might be better for around 20.00?

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    I've have Leopold on a couple rifles - good quality and they come in various heights. Amazon sells the for under $20.

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    Yeah, the Leopold rings work just fine!
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    Midway USA also carries them as well as a Vortex set, both under $20.

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    Cheap rings just seem to lead to problems. I think the cheapest I'd go would be the Vortex Pro.
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    The Leupold Riflemans have been OK for me, not the best looking.
    Aluminum so less risk of damage to scope finish.

    Can get them in low.

    Burris Signature Zee rings my go to.........but medium is the lowest they go.

    On my 10/22 Fingergroove and 760 in .35 rem, used the cheap leupolds. Happy with the performance, just the look sucks.
    Proly swap over the Burris regular Zee in low.

    No plastic inserts on those. Oh well.

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