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    Awesome storage/travel solution from ZR Tactical Solutions!!!

    I saw one of these cases at ZRTS awhile back and thought it was pretty nice but now Zach has a huge laser which does an awesome job at cutting the foam out. All it takes is a photo of what you want in the case and Zach can digitize it, program the laser and cut the foam precisely to fit. This is my coyote rifle and I wanted better than usual protection for the scope and Zach hooked me up, we configured it to place the thermal as close to the center of the case as possible. This is the V700 which is the smallest rifle type case they have, there are longer ones and pistol cases as well. This was kind of a trial run so I don't know what pricing will look like yet but if I find out I'll post it in here. It'll be nice to have a one stop shop, send in the pic, pay the man and pick up a nice case custom cut for your equipment.

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    That is sharp. The technology to cut the foam so neatly is great.

    Lord, if you'll pick them up, I'll put 'em down

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