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    Buying Hearing Protection

    I just saw a product that I really want from this website. They offer Do it At Home Impression Kit for Making Custom Earplugs but I'm not sure what to do. I have a very busy schedule and I don't know how I can meet with their service provider during work hours. Anyone here tried to do this? If you guys have any recommendations I think that would work too.


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    Working in heavy industry we have a lot of focus on hearing protection. The only time Iíve ever heard anyone being recommended custom earplugs is if they have some sort of ear deformation or anomaly. I donít think the dB reduction would change very much. It may be worse. A cheap pair of Howard Leight max disposable plugs should get you a 33dB reduction which I think is the highest available. If that still bothers your ears but a set of muffs over them. They reductions isnít additive but it will increase some.

    Ive personally work the plastic (not custom molded) plugs and I despise them. Get the foam ones rolled properly they are hardly noticeable.

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    I went to my E.N.T. and had custom plugs made. They were pricey, but they are fantastic. Comfortable, washable, and I can wear them for a week straight on the range in comfort. A very good purchase and investment in my hearing.

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    Just curious, whatís the dB reduction in the custom plugs? Iíd def be interested in anything that can reduce noise levels further.

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    I do not know what the reduction # is.
    All I know is that shooting and being on the range for a week at a time, I am in no discomfort, from fit or noise.

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    Some things you can cheap on, but Iíll tell you that having spent the money on electronic hearing protection, I canít imagine going back. You can wear them all day as they are comfortable. I wore them hunting to enhance my hearing and then I didnít have the ring after shooting. I absolutely love them and could never do effective training without them.

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    I had a set of the custom fit made and they were both effective and comfortable at first. What I found was that removing and reinserting them numerous times during a day would begin to irritate my ear canals so I stopped using them. Iíve got two pair of MSA Sordin electronic hearing pro and theyíre fantastic. If they donít provide enough protection (shooting AR15 rifles under a range baffle) I pair them with disposable plugs and turn the Sordins up and I can still hear people talking to me yet maintain the protection for my hearing.
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    I bought a pair of these for testing at an indoor range and they work nicely. Worth it if you're trying to get away from electronic earmuffs.

    Peltor makes a tactical version but these industrial versions work just fine on the range. Look around this coming black friday / cyber monday for good deals on them.

    3Mô PELTORô EEP-100 Electronic Earplug Kit
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    Iíve used my Jabra Elite 65t at the range before. It has a sound pass through feature and it did a pretty good job. Unless you have bad cauliflower ear it should work.

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