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    Question Adapter 1/2 x 28 to 24 LH?

    I have a Zastava M85 PAP pistol with a neat Bulgarian muzzle device I would like to switch over to my AR.


    Does anyone make a step-up adapter from 1/2x28 to 24 LH (w/ detent)?

    I have seen a few step-down adapters going the other way, but haven't found anything close to what I'm looking for.

    If I were a savvy machinist I suppose I could fabricate one without too much difficulty, but alas!
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    User Info Menu has a Bulgarian style 4 piece flash hider that is 1/228. No need for an adapter

    Also Legion USA sells a Ukranian brand called Strela.they make a 3 piece AR flash hider very similar to the Bulgarian that works just as well if not better as the inner cone is sized for .22 caliber instead of. 30 caliber.

    I actually ordered my Strela AR flash hider straight from Strela factory in Ukraine because Legion was out of stock. It was actually a really good experience and the owner of the factory was the guy I dealt with. They make all the flash hiders and suppressors for Ukranian military rifles. Really nice guy and very responsive to emails. I could definitely tell English was not his first language but he was very pleasant to deal with.
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    Legion also has this 1/228-24.1 RH thread adapter. Not sure that helps if you need LH threads though

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