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    Ads that miss the mark

    So it always amuses me about how print ads by some of these manufactures do not use their heads. the picture clearly shows a made in USA product talking about defending your freedom with a cheesy AK at best
    maybe the Owner of this product lives In Russia? Whos Freedom are they protecting...Bulgaria.? go figure. And what is he shooting at....treed Racoons ??? what pictures do you have showing stupid ads.604C1CCA-B5D1-462F-94E0-E16F1BD0AE7F.jpg
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    Marketing people aren't always gun people.

    You'd like to think there would be more gun loving marketing people at companies that make firearms and firearm accessories, but it isn't always the case. Particularly if they are using an outside ad agency to do the creative.
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    There is an AK manufactured in the US, isn't there?
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    I guess I don't really see the problem.
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    You really, really hate that we have trade partners, don't you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CampingJosh View Post
    You really, really hate that we have trade partners, don't you?
    On the contrary Balanced World Trade Good. However, as a commerce that has fallen into greed and selfishness no thought or attempt for fair trade seems to be considered. So ultimately the masses enable an unfair trade for the largest consumer which has become us, the US.

    One of the codes that I have tried to live by is ... everything in Moderation.... Responsible and Fair World Trade starts with the consumer. I have some fine imported stuff but only after I try hard to keep the commerce here at home. Perhaps I am not making a difference but I am a prisoner of my character. A man once said that when we are born we have a lifetime of dignity, use it wisely. Take VW for example, guilty of criminal acts against the US and yet many of the end users still support their products. Good for America ? I think not.

    Just my 3 cents.
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    I wish I could buy a nice Russian Kalashnikov.

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    Looking at the size of the mag, the curvature and the magwell, could that be a Saiga or Vepr12?

    The cut on the dust cover also looks strange.

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    not really seeing the issue. Lots of ak's in the us. Maybe they're showcasing the fact that an MRO can handle more recoil than a 5.56?

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