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Thread: sig romeo zero.

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    sig romeo zero.

    Can anyone explain why SIG made this polymer and not metal? There is no way this sight is going to pass a drop test. I had read it was going to be a metal housing after it was released and the polymer was just for testing. Optics planet has them up for order, and it appears they are polymer. I would have rather paid more money for a metal version that is rugged. What is everyone elses opinion? I was going to buy a shield rmsc, but that didnt even pass the drop test with a metal housing.

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    I think it will be a long time before we get a RDS that small that can pass any sort of drop test considering Trijicon has the "owl ear" shape patented which plays a HUGE part in the RMR's durability
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    Is there a Sig analog to the Holosun 407/507? Moot point as they're not small at all. If not, I find that odd since the same factory makes the Sig, Holosun, and Primary Arms stuff. Or the same place makes a LOT of those brands, anyhow.

    But, I'm with Dean on this one. Trijicon is about the smallest durable RDS that'll be available for a long time. Really wish they'd rejigger the footprint and have one that'd fit on the slimmer slides. I don't know how the innards are all layed out, though. I'm sure it's easier said than done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheepdog697 View Post
    Can anyone explain why SIG made this polymer and not metal?
    To sneak it through a metal detector?
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    sig made it to go on top of a glock 7 "its a porcelain gun made in germany, it doesn't show up on airport xray machines!"


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