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    Holster for FN 509 Tactical with an RMR (OWB)

    I have the Henry IWB flashlight(?), but I'd like to hear what others have tried and like/dislike and why. In kydex (or equivalent) I'd want RMR, X300U and compensator compatible for range/USPSA use (though I don't own a compensator, I might). For a leather holster I'd probably not have the light or the compensator attached... then again I might "have to" leave the comp on if they're a PITA to remove; I have zero experience with pistol comps and I'm dubious as to their effectiveness past what hanging any weight on the end of a pistol barrel would do to mitigate muzzle flip... but that's a whole nother thread.

    So what's everyone using?
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    Contact Concealment makes Kydex OWB belt holsters for the 509 T. I've ordered one based on the excellent holster he made for my SP-01.

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