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    I have been using an Alien gear 3.5 for a few years and it's still in great shape. Now, due to my line of work (no carry at work) and the fact I tend to stay home a good bit with mostly short trips out I don't use it all day every day. I do frequently carry with it all day on the weekends or days off though. I applied blue thread locker to the adjustment screws and have never had to touch them again
    I tend to believe BBI and if I were wearing it all day every day would probably be looking for something better. But it is easy to reholster 1 handed and carries well especially with a quality belt

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    To answer the OP... No.
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    I have to second the Ramora. It can be used in the pocket and IWB and I have used one almost daily for about 4 years and it has held up great!
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    So out of 9 people who actually used an AG holster in this thread only 1 switch to a different brand that was similar to an AG holster. If you go by the numbers of those that have actually tried them, they seem to like them.

    I looked at some of the holsters posted in this thread several look identical to the AG holster i use just maybe $20 more, some are the same price, while others are twice as high.
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    I have used them before and they are serviceable for a short time but just not quality enough for me. The backing warps, the screws that hold the shells and belt clips come loose, and the plastic belt clips will easily break. there are much better options out there for not that much more $$.
    On the other hand the AG mag carrier is top notch, something I endorse and actually use on a consistent basis.
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    I'm actually using all Kydex or all leather, not anything similar, but eh.

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