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    Pancake style OWB kydex holster with optics cut for CZ P10C

    I'm still looking for a good holster for my P10C, with an optics cut. I bought a holster a couple months ago, but it sits off the belt too far and isn't really a pancake style holster that fits close to the body. I prefer one that allows no sweatguard or a low cut sweatguard next to the body, as I find that uncomfortable. My preference is to stay around the $50 mark, but I can go higher depending on the quality of the holster. If anyone knows of a good one that meets these requirements, please let me know.

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    I'd get a Nehemiah holster from Gabe at KSG Armory. He does good work, and optic cuts are standard.

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    Looks like they're all out of stock at the moment. I'll have to check back later. I did find a few places that I'm going to also look into:

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    These guys are sending me belt loops free of charge on an order from over a year ago, good people, and great gear.

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    Those look nice, but the page specifically says it won't fit guns with red dots. Is there a version from them that does support optics?

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    For anyone looking, I ended up with a Gunfighters[INC] Ronin holster and a Bravo Company single mag carrier:

    I like the holster a lot so far and it's very comfortable and secure. So far a big thumbs up...

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