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Thread: Red dot sights

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    I have a Sig Romeo 5 and I really like it
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    The sig Romeo 5 is as great sight for the money, I like the shake await function and it specs out nearly the same as some red dots 7 times more expensive

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    I own a few aimpoint micro t1 s and a trijicon mro they are better red dots but for the difference in money I would say go with the sig romeo or holusun unless your an operator

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    So I was looking at sights and found this, what do you think?
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    What about the Bushnell TRS-26? I have no experience with this optic but, it came through on a email blast a few weeks ago. I have casually researched it and the reviews look good for the price point ($160'ish). It looks like it, it is more or less a Trijicon MRO clone or at least inspired.

    For what it is worth, I do have a Bushnell TRS-25 (a little tube style red dot) on one of my 10/22 just for fun. For a red dot that is less then a 100 bucks ($80 actually on Amazon), it's a good little optic.

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    I owned a PA Gen I RDS which held up well. Had it mounted on an AK. I currently have a Romeo 5 mounted on a CZ Scorpion, but previously had it mounted on an IWI X95. My distance vision isn't terribly good anymore, but the sight works well on both firearms.
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    I have the Sig Romeo 5. In fact I have 4 of them.

    1. 10/22 Charger Takedown.
    2. 10.5" AR SBR.
    3. .44 mag Rossi 92.
    4. Lee Enfield No4 Mk1

    The latter 2 being mounted forward in a scout scope position.

    These are a great little red dot sight for the money. I don't have the version with the solar power, but the CR2032 batteries can be found at any Walmart, grocery store, gas station... They must be the AA of the button battery world. Here is an eyeopening video review of just how tough these inexpensive little sights can be... Dude even shoots his with a shotgun, and freezes it in a block of ice...

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    I have several sig romeo 5 dot sights.
    Never a problem with them.
    And there often on sell for $115

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    Never had a Trijicon so I canít speak to that, but a Romeo 5 is a great red dot. Never a hiccup, and the price point is good on them too.

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    Been looking all day for them on line (Romeo 5) and best price is around $150. Found them cheaper, but was out of stock.
    I'm looking for 2, anyone know of a gun shop that may carry them.
    Thanks to all, great thread and input.

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