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Thread: Red dot sights

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    Red dot sights

    So I'm looking for a good quality not the rolls Royce of sights, iv seen post about back up, flip ups and iv looked at a few sights and done some store browsing, so I think iv narrowed it down to 2 sights if I could get some real life opinions first is the trijicon MRO iv heard good things and saw a vid about how strong it's built,

    second is the sig sauer Romeo, I went to Tims shooting range in Westfield and was told that everyone who runs this sight loves it and it looks like a nice sight and I liked the added "solar" switch so batteries aren't a issue, so has anyone ran either sight? Both run in I think a good price range
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    Ive got a Romeo 5 on one of my ARs. Works good, never given me a single problem. Not much i can say about it other than that. Trijicon stuff is nice but you definitely pay for it. Id consider a Holosun or vortex before spending trijicon money.

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    I have an older Primary Arms micro red dot that has been very good. Primary Arms now has one that looks similar to the Romeo 5 as does Holosun, they may even be made by the same company. I imagine Primary Arms sells all of them so you could compare features and warranties. Not sure if this is any help

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    I run a Trijicon MRO on my AR SBR (10.3") and 16" 9mm carbine - both on Scalarworks absolute co-witness mounts. I haven't had one hiccup or issue through about 9,000 rounds on the SBR and 3,000 on the 9mm carbine. I've banged my SBR around a couple of times and the MRO has held zero and never even flickered. It's pretty spendy compared to Sig or Primary Arms but it's been worth it for me and I wouldn't look back. YMMV.

    If you like solar on the Sig, you might look at Holoson as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derrickgoins View Post

    If you like solar on the Sig, you might look at Holoson as well.
    Holosun makes the Sig.
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    What ever sight you decide to get, check to make sure it will work with your eyes. If you have any astigmatism at all, the dot may be anything except a dot. A different sight may work just fine, just depends on how the glass is ground. Keeping the reticle intensity setting on the low end will help, but not eliminate the effect.
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    I vote on the trijicon. Made in USA, outstanding customer service. Quality optic.

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    Trijicon MRO
    Or Aimpoint Carbine Optic.

    Both are inexpensive and give you western manufacturing and quality.
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    I have an MRO on a pcc and I really like it. It’s on a Geissele mount and it works well the field of view is fantastic and the quality is what you would expect from Trijicon. I honestly don’t think you would be disappointed in either. Holosun also makes great products.

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    I am looking at the Holosun HS515CU also

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