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    Sig Romeo MSR... Thoughts?

    Is the Sig Romeo MSR a decent budget red dot for an AR Pistol? 5.56 and or .45?
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    I had a Romeo 5 that I was very happy with. Not an Aimpoint, but for normal civilian use, it seemed pretty good to me.
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    Yes they are decent. I have one on my Tippmann .22 AR pistol, but I would have no issues putting it on a centerfire gun either.

    Best price on one you'll find is $75, here at Osage County Guns:

    If you want to try the Romeo5, they have it also for $129:

    They have free shipping on Sig products that total over $100.

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    I've had a Sig Romeo5 on a 5.56 carbine and a 20g shotgun without issues, however, the AR and shotgun that I keep "in service" at my house wear H1 and a T1. It is hard to beat the Aimpoint battery life since I keep those on constantly!

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    I run Romeo 5s on both of my steel challenge optic guns. Great optic for the price. The motion activated dot allows me to leave it on always & aside from losing one of the adjustment caps, I’ve had nary a hiccup with either. (FYI: Sig replaced the lost cap for free with no more than an emailed request)

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    MSR is a budget sight and not as nice as the Romeo 5 IMO. I base that opinion on handling, mounting and boresighting the optics. Otherwise both are fine, both are made in China and both seem to be equivalent in quality to Holosun, Vortex, Riton, etc. that sell at similar price points. Optics are a competitive business and you tend to get what you pay for in most cases. That comment should not be interpreted as negative. We live in the golden age of <$250 red dots that will serve their function quite well.

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