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Thread: Used scope sales

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    Used scope sales

    Anyone know of a shop that sells a lot of used scopes? I have a desire to purchase a Weaver K2.5 for my 336.

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    There are a couple places that can refurb an old Weaver.
    But then it's a min of 80 bucks plus shipping and a fair wait.
    On a scope that usually goes used for 50 bucks.

    Ebay has lots of em, but then you're buying unseen.
    The option then is to buy a refurb from one of the repair places.
    They aint cheap.

    IMHO if spending that much, get a Leupold FXII 2.5x new

    or used.........since the company still in biz and lifetime warranty.

    Yeah, I saw a Savage 99 w a 3x Weaver on it and it was cool.
    Having a scope crap out on me, even if just a backyard deer hunt..........with my luck, proly cost me a deer of a lifetime.

    Have had old guns and the Weavers look right. My buds old 4x looks new and is going strong, but he got it new.
    My new in 77 Weaver fogged twice, was repaired by Weaver. Every 2 yrs send it in kinda thing.
    And it was babied (V9 w AO).

    You might be able to buy one off a rifle in a shop, sometimes theyll separate.
    Steel tube, who knows what ring/rust mark will be present.

    Ballentines used to sell used scopes at the Bill Goodman shows and they knew their stuff.
    I dunno if they even in biz, hasn't been a Goodman show in Indy for decades.

    Saw some used Weavers recently at a small local show and they had the coating delam which was common.

    Slight spot on one, proly usable, others looked like they had cataracts.
    Old tech and materials, seals proly shot.
    Might be OK for a range toy, but proly fog up come hunting season.

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    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natdscott View Post
    Repped Hookeye.
    Indeed. Man knows his glass.
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    Thanks guys, but I only am familiar with non Alpha stuff, and am not a turret twister.
    Just mid level hunting junk.

    I dug around for a bit when I had my 99 in .300 savage, and also thought an old Weaver would be cool.

    FWIW with so many of us getting crappy eyes as we get older..........a red dot sight disguised as a 2.5X Weaver might be kinda cool.
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    I have an old Tang safety m77in -06 I'd like to dress in an old weaver.
    "You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent"-Fundamentals of chess 1883

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    Check out 24 Hour Campfire classifieds section.
    They pop up frequently.

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