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    Best Gun cleaning kit and where?

    Ok, I am relying on some of you that I know more about this than me. Which is the best cleaning kit for all around. I dont currently have a shotgun but it is in near futur. I have an AR15 in 6.8 SPC, an AR15 in 7.62 x 39, a Ruger PC4 carbine and numerous pistols. Which cleaning kit woould have all of the desirable items in it? What does it cost? Where is the best place to get it from?

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    I like using a boresnake and a basic Hoppe's kit.

    This one is awesome: Hoppes Universal Field Cleaning Kit Md: FC2.: Sports & Outdoors

    I keep one in my range bag.

    Hoppes #9 is a really nice solvent ... I have tried most of them and that one seems to work best.
    Throw in a small tube of white lithium grease and you're all set.
    You can find both the kit and boresnake at Dick's Sporting Goods or online at
    White lithium grease is available at Lowe's

    You end up needing a bunch of different sized tips and brushes for different calibers, but it works great.
    Make sure you use plastic cloth holders and insert any rods or snakes CHAMBER FIRST.

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    The absolute best is the top of the line kit from Otis but it is ridiculously expensive. The best for a reasonable price is one of the all-in-one outfits you can pick up at Sportsmans Guide, Cheaper Than Dirt, or Cabela's.
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    In all reality, you don't "need" a kit, per se.

    Although, buying a kit is an easy way to get all the basics in one place at one time.

    I use boresnakes almost exclusively. 1 for .22, 1 for 9mm/38/357 and then I think I have a 12ga one. Even though I don't have a 12ga.

    But I still have the brass rods and bronze brushes in case I desire to really scour the inside of the barrel. However, I generally only do this to a "new to me" weapon, and bore snake it after that.

    Among tools that I find VERY VERY useful are a set of picks. I have several metal dental picks as well as a set of plastic picks from Walmart. VERY handy to have around. (I hardly ever use the metal dental picks).

    As far as solvents go, I stick with Hoppe's #9. It works very well for everything that I need it for AND it's inexpensive. For lubrication purposes, I've been using RemOil. I also have some Hoppe's Oil, but haven't used any of that. This is the one area that I'm looking to "upgrade", actually. But I can't ever find any other lubes (other than CLP) when I'm out visiting shops. Ideally I'd like to find a "gun grease" type of product that'll stay in place better than RemOil.

    Something else to note: As you get more and more comfortable with your firearms and suddenly develop a hankering to detail strip something, you'll want a punch kit, too.


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    Hope it's okay to thread jack a little. When you use Boresnakes do you use solvent and where do you put the solvent? Also do you then oil the barrel with a rod and patch or do you place some oil on the end of the Bore Snake? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishersjohn48 View Post
    Hope it's okay to thread jack a little. When you use Boresnakes do you use solvent and where do you put the solvent? Also do you then oil the barrel with a rod and patch or do you place some oil on the end of the Bore Snake? Thanks.
    When I use a boresnake:

    If the bore is really dirty, I'll dip the "brush part" into some solvent and then drag the bore snake through several times.

    If there's been <200 rounds through, I'lll run the bore snake through "dry".

    *on a boresnake, there are usually two sections of brush separated by a few CM of 'dead space'. I'll fold the brush portion in half in this dead space and then dip this space into the solvent.

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    I bought a multi caliber kit from midway for $20 and it comes in a case and fits everything I own. Also, it came with 2 plastic picks but I bought a metal set and a pack of chip brushes to spread grease from Harbor Freight for $5. I use grease on all of my slides and anywhere metal on metal is possible and the chip brushes are a life saver for spreading it.

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