This past Saturday, August 11, John Viray with ACT held a training class for 14 members of a local church congregation. The shooters are members of the church’s newly formed security team, and they ranged from former military/police to very inexperienced with firearms. Lost Creek Conservation club in Seelyville was a gracious host for this course.

The morning began at 0900 with safety briefing and protocols. The shooters were then taught the basic components and function of a semi automatic firearm. The first drill was to fire 13 rounds at 7 yards into a target with multiple circles ranging from 8” to 2”. This was done without any formal instruction in order to get a baseline of ability for each shooter.

The official training began and the instructors went slowly thru the fundamentals. The students shot between instruction to put the new information into practice. Later they fired 10 rounds per string putting everything together. This portion went from 0930 to 1200.

Lunch was provided by one of members of the security team, and afterwards, John began the classroom portion of the defensive pistol portion of the course. Once back on the range, the students holstered their firearms and began to learn a proper draw stroke. They ran this drill backwards and forward till they all had a solid draw.

John had them do a variety of other drills, but as we only had 8 hours, time did not permit a more in depth course of study. The final drill of the day was very enlightening. Each shooter had their neighbor load their mag with 6 live rounds and a random dummy round somewhere in the mix. The shooters then had to draw, fire at a 6” square till the gun did not fire. They then were instructed to move while doing a level 1 malfunction drill, and re-engage target till slide lock. Move, reload and then re-engage again with 3 rounds. Scan 360 degrees while maintaining contact with bad guy. This was to be completed within 18 seconds while everyone is watching and the pressure is on.

Overall this course was excellent, and I’d highly recommend it to any armed church security group. Every student approached me after church and commented positively on the quality and value of the instruction. So a big thank you to John and his team for putting on a terrific course. Also a big thank you to Lost Creek Conservation Club for hosting the course. They have a great range and clubhouse with a full kitchen, bathrooms and an abundance of meeting space.