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    Advertising Works

    Mods feel free to move this thread to the proper forum.

    I don't know if this has been done before but as of 3-8-13 I have done business with 8/31 shops listed below (25%). Of the 8 shops I have purchased from I have done repeat business with 6 of the 8 (75%). Of the 8 shops I have done business with I would return to all 8 as a customer (100% retention).

    Of the 31 shops on the list below I have been to 14 of your websites (45%).

    If I had to rank my top 5 "What I look for" in regards to establishing a business relationship with an advertiser on this forum they would be in order:

    1. Forum presence
    Posting inventory updates or having a website/fb page is a huge benefit. Active involvement within the forums is a huge plus as well.

    2. PM-ability
    Those companies that answer PM's get a shot at my business.

    3. Attitude
    It has been said that people in the gun business can be jerks. I have not witnessed that with any of the advertisers on this forum. This is key to my 100% retention.

    4. X factor
    I hate the term but those advertisers that excel in the top 3 get my repeat business. I have been offered advice and personalized service that would make companies like the Ritz Carlton seem pale in comparison. While I have stayed at a Ritz Carlton I have seen companies that adopt their policies. I am turned off by complete strangers asking everyone within a 3 foot radius of how their day is. I am more interested in "team members" providing genuine service that is more personable and less fake.

    5. Price
    While it is always a concern it is not the primary concern.

    Gun Shops / Class III and Ranges (4 Viewing)
    21ST Century Firearms (395/3999) Atlanta Conservation Club (5/15) Beech Grove Firearms (161/1523) Bite the Bullet Guns (71/193) Big Daddy's Guns and More (17/52) Blythe's (40/304) Bradis Guns (1155/6965) Down By The Tracks Guns (68/352) Front Toward Enemy Firearms (55/357) Four Guns (21/148) Marion County Fish and Game (43/478) Orion Arms Corp (92/628) Peddler Firearms (12/45) Shootin Iron Shop (4/50) ZX Gun (11/50)

    2,155 15,190
    17 Minutes Ago

    Accessories, Ammo, Holsters, Knives and Lights (4 Viewing)
    A&A Optics (113/535) 3 Speed Holsters AGS Armament & Consulting (118/332) Bobcat Steel (155/1683) Brad's Knives & Knife Lady (202/1607) Bug Out Store (7/25) Damage Industries (73/248) (1/5) Hooch Holsters (45/185) i2i Custom Apparel (1/1) The LED Warehouse (35/107) M&S Armament (42/186) Profire Arms & Supply, Inc. (276/1568) Palmetto State Armory (124/678) Raven Concealment Systems (93/591) T&D Metal Works (13/49)

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    GREAT information, good feedback, nice to know the advertising is working (but I already knew that part... Advertising here is a very good bang for the buck (but don't raise the price... To me price is important, but it takes a back seat to a shop with bad attitudes. Thank you.

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