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    Could I get some insight from someone on getting to 1st page on google.

    I would like some input on how to get on the 1st page on google? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Fastest and easiest, cash.

    There are other ways as well.
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    You want to research SEO
    It's about how to optimize your sight for search engines.

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    I have an unusual name and I am a fairly public figure, extremely well known in my field. For many years I owned the first page of google just on my first name. Then slowly it took my full name. Then my full name and my field. I still am prominent on the first page under those conditions, but no longer owning it. There's no real point to this because it lends no advice to the OP's real question, but it amuses me to this day. As said above, cash is the best way to get to google's first page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fullmetaljesus View Post
    You want to research SEO
    It's about how to optimize your sight for search engines.
    And you need to maintain it. The heuristics are constantly changing. Regular updates and added content help too.

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