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  1. SOPMOD BLOCK II clone and Daniel Defense M4v1
  2. Daniel Defense M4v1 and Daniel Defense M4v5
  3. DDM4v1, DDM4v5, S&W M&P 15-22, Noveske N4 Lowers
  4. N4 Lowers
  5. Daniel Defense M4v5 with magpul grip and pmag, Vltor Imod stock, DD convert grip, DD front and rear sight and Aimpoint Micro H-1 on top of a Laure...
  6. Colt LE6920 with a Daniel Defense Omega 7 quad rail, DD forward grip and Vltor Imod
  7. Kimber TLE II Stainless & Kimber Custom II
  8. Rock River Arms LAR-15 with DD 12" lite rail, Magpul MOE stock, pistol grip and forward grip, and AIMPOINT COMP M2
  9. Daniel Defense DDM4v5, RRA LAR-15 and Kimber Custom II
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