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    My .45 for your 9mm ammo or cash. PICS!!


    First up I have a box of 19 200gr +p speer gold dots, I don't know where #20 went.

    Next here is a box of random hollow points, Mostly hydrashoks.

    Next is 2 boxes of Hornady TAP +p 230gr (28), was loaded into mags and carried. I fired some out of one box and some of the ammo shows marks from rolling in the mags, yet functions fine.

    Next is a box of 50 WWB 185gr, box was never opened till I took this pic.

    Next is a box of (50) PMC 185gr hollow point.

    Next I have (40 rounds) 2 boxes of Winchester PDX1 230gr bonded HP.

    Next up I have a baggie (50) of 230gr WWB hollow points. These were loaded into mags and stored in a ammo can.

    Next is another baggie of (50) CCI 230 ball ammo.

    Next is another baggie with 36 rounds Remington UMC 230gr ball and 31 rounds of USGI made in 1966 contract 230 gr ball in the box.

    Last but not least is a baggie of 100 rounds I reloaded.

    They are as follows,
    Once fired Federal HST brass
    CCI Large pistol primers
    7.0 grains of Unique powder
    230gr Remington ball

    All in all there is 500+ rounds here. Would like to works out some kinda deal for brass cased 9mm. Maybe some 5.56. All in all cash price is $225. I'm located in Greenfield, may do a little bit of driving for the right deal.
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    Up to the tippy top. I will also consider .223/5.56 ammo as well...

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