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    ??WEIGHT of BRASS 5.56????

    I stumbled onto a place that has 5.56 once fired lake city brass in BULK.

    My ? is how many shells would be in 1 lb or how many in 10lbs.

    It is being sold by weight.

    Any help??

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    Brass Weight, How many Per Pound?

    9mm, 59.46gr/ea, 117.7cases/#, 8.5#/1000

    38spl, 68.06gr/ea, 102.8cases/#, 9.7#/1000

    40s&w, 70.1gr/ea, 99.9cases/#, 10#/1000

    .357mag, 78.3gr/ea, 89.4cases/#, 11.2#/1000

    .45acp, 89.58gr/ea, 78.1cases/#, 12.8#/1000

    .223, 95.28gr/ea , 73.5cases/#, 13.6#/1000

    .44mag, 114.38gr/ea, 61.2cases/#, 16.3#/1000

    50bmg, 865.26gr/ea, 8.1cases/#, 123.5#/1000

    All weights are uncleaned fired cases with the primer remaining.

    Individual case weights were derived using an average of mixed brass weights (except 50bmg)

    Brass Weight, How many Per Pound?
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    according to my scale a piece of LC brass with primer is about 6.26g. there are basically 454g per pound so 454/6.62 = 72.5 hope that helps you.

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