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    Bunch of rimfires and some steel cased 9mm

    Got several types of rimfire ammo that I don't need/want so I'm selling it to fund other stuff.

    Located near Tell City, will do FTF transaction in the Rockport, Ferdinand, Leavenworth areas. Will ship at cost.
    I'll consider doing a package deal for multiple items.
    Please PM with questions instead of bumping the thread, first I'll take it posted in the thread gets it.
    Not really looking for any trades at this time.

    *SPF* *SPF* First up, 1495 rounds of CCI AR Tac 22lr ammo. Bought this for my wife to use in her P22 so she'd leave my minimags alone, pistol doesn't like it. I've got plenty of other ammo that works in both my rifles and the P22 so I'm letting this go. $120

    *SPF* *SPF* Next is 2 325 rd boxes of Federal Automatch. $45

    *SPF* *SPF* Now we have a 200 rd box of the CCI Maxi Mag Troy Landry signature Choot 'ems 40 gr hollow points. This ammo was in my reserve stash if I ran out of my preferred ammo. Recently was able to get a fairly large amount of that so I don't need this any more. $75

    Found this box of 17 HMR mixed in with my 22 mag ammo. Got out of 17 a while back so have no use for it. Will add it to any other ammo for an additional $10.

    *SPF* *SPF* Last is 7 boxes of Tulammo steel case 9mm, 115 gr FMJ. $50
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    I'll take the Tula 9 mil, pm sent.

    Fort Wayne Indiana raised WW2 quadruple ace, Walker " Bud" Mahurin

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