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    Asst lot of 22LR ammo/far south


    ve a decent size lot of assorted 22LR ammo. 2625rds total . I think it's reasonably priced but you be the judge. Looking for a single lot sale in or near Tell City. Prices itemized for comparison purposes. May consider selling just the Lapua ,CCI and Federal Automatch if a whole lot buyer can't be found. All bricks /cartons are full. The Lapua alone runs around $60 on the net.

    $39- 500 CCI Minimag ( 40gr RN)
    $37-500 SK/Lapua Standard Plus
    $59-1000 Federal Champion
    $25 CCI 300rd Choot 'Em HP
    $17-325 Fed MC
    $175 Total for all
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