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    380 acp - PMC FMJ - Hornady and Federal Premium JHP


    Hello All,
    Traded my kahr cw380 for a 9mm. No longer have a need for 380 ammunition. Would like to sell it all together for $100.
    It was all stored in ammo boxes with desiccator packs (replaced often).

    330 rounds PMC bronze for target shooting - purchased 500 rounds from another INGO user who sold it as new. I am not sure whether it actually is new, or he reloaded it as is shoots dirty . I have 6 full boxes and one with 30 rounds in it. $11 per box = $72, but lets call it $70 (that's 21 cents per round)
    - same ammunition as
    Personal Defense Rounds
    1 box (25 rounds) Hornady Custom Ammunition 380 ACP 90 Grain XTP Jacketed Hollow Point - $15
    - same as
    1 box (20 rounds) - Federal .380 ACP 90gr HydraShok JHP Low Recoil - $15
    - same as

    Again price is $100 for all which would cost you over $145 before tax and shipping. Would be great to go with your new pocket pistol you buy on Black Friday.

    Will request to view your IN drivers license. Will meet in Indianapolis.

    Please PM. If you include your cell number and I will text you.

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    See you this afternoon.

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