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    Reloading Powder

    Helping a friend out. We have a total of 42 1lb jars of different types.
    1. 2lb Longshot.
    2. 5lb Lil Gun.
    3. 4lbs H4198 SOLD
    4. 1lb IMR 4198 SOLD
    5. 1lb Trailboss
    6. 1lb Benchmark. SOLD
    7. 1lb IMR 3031
    8. 3lb IMR 7828. SOLD
    9. 2lb IMR 4350
    10. 3lb IMR 4831SOLD
    11. 3lb H4831 SOLD
    12.2lb Accurate 1680
    13. 3lb Reloader 7
    14. 5lb IMR 4227
    15. 2lbs H110 SOLD
    These have been stored in climate controlled environment. Price is $20.00/lb discount on 6lbs or more. Location is Brownsburg.
    I will be posting ammunition later. He has a lot of
    6.8spc, 300blkout, 7.62x51. No shipping. I have pics of all the powder if needed.
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    Bump still plenty left.

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