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Thread: 8mm Nambu.....

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    8mm Nambu.....

    I'm looking for a box of ammo for a Nambu pistol that was brought back from Iwo Jima. A friends dad took it from a Japanese officer he killed along with the holster and "accessories". He has never seen ammo for it. I know Old Western Scrounger makes it, but its $60 a box. Anyone have a cheaper source? I thought a box of ammo would make a great addition to this piece. Let me know. Thanks.

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    Buffalo Arms for $48 for a box of 50. How about a box of original ammo for $150 to go with the pistol?

    Original Japanese 8mm Nambu Ammunition w Box : Collectible Parts & Accessories at

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    This is the second "interested in 8mm Nambu" that I've come across this week. Unfortunately, the brass is so expensive that its not profitable to reload for resale. If you had brass, you could reload it fairly cheaply - but starting from scratch just isn't worth it.

    Having said that, the 8mm Nambu dies are pretty high on my list of "buying in the near future" items. If you had the brass for me to reload, and a barrel that I could check out - I could probably make it work.

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