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    35 Remington die? Anyone?

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    Is this one of those great ideas that never goes anywhere?

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    Not a popular round for current production rifles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broom_jm View Post
    I'm not a site supporter and need to look into what is involved with that. I would like to borrow 223 and 35 Remington dies for a few weeks and offer the use of the following, in return:

    44/40 Winchester
    30 Carbine
    30 Herrett
    7-30 Waters
    7.7x58 Arisaka

    I have quite a few other sets of dies, but they are the more typical stuff, like 270, 308, 9mm, etc. If anyone would like to exchange 223 or 35 Remington with one of the sets I have, please send me a PM.


    P.S. I'm in Mooresville, just south of Indy.
    Just pay $15.00 you can pay with Pay Pal if you wish... or at the 1500 ...
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    most of my dies a very comm but it is a very interesting thought. evan as to say try my then decided if u want to take the plunge

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    I've got
    7mm large assortment for 7TCU
    44mag RCBS
    41mag RCBS
    30-06 RCBS
    243 RCBS and LEE

    Looking for
    Dillon 550 shell plates/toolheads powder drops

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    I see that some members were looking for 35 Rem dies. I have a set of Lee's I think. Anyhow if your still looking let me know and I'll be happy to drop them in the mail to you. You can just send them back when your finished.

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    I would like to borrow a 358 Winchester trim die, or whatever trim die might work to shorten 358 Win cases by about 0.2".

    I have 358 Hoosier dies, and some pretty common dies to loan in exchange - 30/06, 308, 38, 44 Mag, 45/70, 30/30, if there's any interest. Thanks.

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    Hello Yeah. That is an impressive collection of dies. I thought I was the only one around with 'die sickness'. I'll swap dies with you anytime. No Lee, mostly Redding and RCBS. Have a few other Ackley calibers and some larger 50-20mm. How long have you been reloading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aszerigan View Post
    Available dies:

    Lee 22-250 Rem - 3-Die Set
    Lee 223 Remington - Deluxe 3 Die Set
    Lee 223 Remington - Standard 2 Die Set
    Lee 243 Win - 3 Die Set
    Lee 308 Win - 3 Die Set
    Lee 357 Sig - 3 Die Set
    Lee 38 Special / 357 - 4 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 38-40 WCF - 3 Die Set
    Lee 40 S&W / 10mm Auto - 4 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 41 Rem Mag - 3 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 44 Mag / 44 Spec - 4 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 45 ACP / 45 Auto Rim - 4 die Carbide set
    Lee 45 Colt - 4 Die Carbide set
    Lee 500 S&W - 3 Die Set
    Lee 9mm - 4 Die Carbide Set

    Redding 7.5mm x 55 Swiss Series C Set

    Hornady 6.8 SPC Dimension 2-Die Set

    RCBS FL .270 Win Set
    RCBS 300 Win Mag Set
    RCBS 300 WBY Mag Set
    RCBS 30-06 Springfield Set
    RCBS 30-30 WCF Set
    RCBS 454 Casull Set

    Lyman 220 Swift - 2 Die Set

    I have a handful of .243 Win and 22-250 brass lying around I wouldnt mind filling back up or possibly trading for different brass I shoot more often.

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